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Why do they call us the cat’s meow of social media management tools? Because we've got the secret sauce for tweeting success: optimal post times, content suggestions, a marketing calendar, and the best hashtags known to the Twittersphere—all zipped up in one.

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Not sure when to tweet? Forgeddabowdit. We’ve got your back. Plug your time zone into the Kittr system and we’ll do a quick analysis. Then, we’ll set up a special queue—just for you. We post your tweets when your timeline traffic is the highest so you get the best engagement. It works. Trust us. We ain't kitten around.

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Do you manage social media for a non-profit organization? Contact Us to apply for our "Kittr Cares" program.

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Can I get 14 days free with my account?

Every account gets 14 days free to test drive the platform. We only bill you on day 15 so you have plenty of time to see some awesome results. Don't worry, you will.

Is this Monthly?

Yes, this service bills month to month or year to year. Cancel at any time, online, easy. We also refund the unused months if you are on an annual plan, minus the month you cancel in. Any cancelled plan has access until the end of the month.

How is my login safe with you?

We only get an oAuth token for use on our system connected with Twitter. You can revoke any app token at anytime in your settings page. We encrypt everything.

Professional Content?

We bring the easy with Kittr. Professionally written, hashtag focused, awesomeness to keep you at the forefront of your audience. Easy to tweak as little or as much as you want.

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